Ignacio Springs - An Oasis in Paradise. Yurts and Cabañas among the palms.

Terms + Conditions


How do I cancel a reservation?

When you book a Yurt/Cabana at Ignacio Springs, we reserve and hold that room specifically for you. Because we are a small business, and guest usually book well in advance, it is difficult for us to re-book rooms without adequate notice. Please note that you must obtain a cancellation number. If you have not received a cancellation number, you have not cancelled. Please see our Cancelation policy:

Cancelation Policy

For reservations made for the months of May through November, and canceled more than 30 days prior, a $25.00 dollar per room fee applies.

For reservations canceled within 30 days prior, you will lose your 50% deposit for the first night.

For cancellations 3 days or less prior, the penalty is the full cost of your first night plus your 50% deposit on the balance of your canceled days, plus tax.

For reservations made for during the holidays, our Fiesta Tradicional, the Baja 1000 and whale season, your deposit is non-refundable and you may be liable for the whole amount of the cancellation.

Special consideration may be given in special circumstances.


What is the best way to contact you?

We always respond to emails. If you email us and do not receive a reply within a day, we have not seen your email - please telephone. Important topics like changes to your reservations and/or cancellations are best handled by telephone. You can find our telephone numbers on the Contact page.

How do I make reservations?

You can book online, communicate with me through email and organize your vacation directly from your computer! Use the Booking page, telephone or email me to make a reservation request. Please request the specific calendar days, number of guests and any preferences. I will get back to you promptly with a welcome letter and an invoice. Once the invoice is paid you will receive a confirmation number to guarantee your booking. Ignacio Springs is our home and we welcome you to share the beauty offered. We are available by phone, in person or through email, text or Facebook.

What other activities are available?

There are many things to do and see in and around Ignacio Springs. We offer Kayaks and Paddle Boards for our guests and swimming in the River. The town of San Ignacio is a short drive/walk (2 km), where you will see the Mission of San Ignacio, the square, small shops and restaurants, coffee/tea house, ice cream shop, etc. There are also a number of day trips available, Whale Watching (Dec-April), Rock/Cave Paintings, Lagoon San Ignacio, fishing camps, Geothermal Electric Plant (Three Virgines). We can help you connect with some tour/activity operators and help research your options to make your stay relaxed and stress free.

Does anything change during Hurricane season?

We are open during hurricane season and do our very best to make everyone comfortable in the event of a hurricane. We have a generator onsite to run water and minimal power. We downsize the rooms and the grounds in preparation, but still try to maintain everyone’s comfort.

What are your rates?

Our rates are per room per night, based on double occupancy. Third, Fourth and more occupants are charged an additional charge per person dependant on ages. See room descriptions for more information. Rates include usage of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Swimming in the River, Taxes, and breakfast. If you have a visiting guest that wishes to enjoy the premises with you, they can do so with a day pass for a charge of $10.00 USD per person per day. The day pass is good from 10am-6pm and gives them access the the grounds, water and water equipment. It does not include breakfast or an overnight stay. They cannot be onsite without you.

Do your rates include taxes?

We must charge and collect the following taxes:

IVA 16% Hospitality tax 3% Processing fees, service fees, credit card fees and currency conversion fees 3%

These items are all included in the standard room rates. These are now required of all businesses and hotels in Mexico.

Is there a charge for water sport equipment?

There are Kayaks and paddle boards available for your usage. Water sports are free to guests staying at Ignacio Springs. It is included in the room rate. Day guests not staying at Ignacio Springs who have paid for a day pass may also use the water sports equipment. Water sports and equipment are use at your own risk. We ask that Children 12 and Under be under supervision at all times when at Ignacio Springs.

When can I check in?

Check in is at 2:00pm. Please have your travel plans presented on your reservation booking so the Hostess can be available. We will welcome you to Ignacio Springs upon arrival. If you have any question, please call us.

When is check out?

Check-out time is 11:30am.

Just leave your key in the room and bon voyage! We regret that we cannot accommodate late checkouts as we need the time to prepare for the next arriving guests Late room check-outs will incur a charge of $50.00 USD after 1:00 pm.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, we have air conditioning! Please turn off your Air Conditioner when you are not in your room or if you have your door or windows open. Housekeeping will turn off the Air Conditioner when you are not on the premises.

When is Breakfast? Can you accommodate special diets?

At 7:00 am coffee and breakfast is ready. Our home-made breakfast is served daily from 7:00am - 10:00am. It begins with coffee/tea, Orange Juice, and fruit. Then we have our hot breakfast which may consist of Eggs, Toast, Pancakes, French Toast Muffins, Hash browns, breakfast meat (bacon, ham or sausage), home made preserves etc. Each morning is cooks choice what we are having for breakfast. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please advise us ahead of time and we will make every effort to address them. This applies to our evening meals that are available (for an extra fee) by reservation prior to 2:00pm the day of the meal.

Do you have smoking rooms?

Ignacio Springs rooms are all non smoking.

Do you allow pets?

We do allow pets at Ignacio Springs, however there is an additions fee for pets. We ask that your pets stay off of our beds and furniture and that you are in control of your pets at all times. Please clean up after you pet. Please be respectful of the pets that live at Ignacio Springs and do not let your pets out of Vehicle until you arrive at your room.

Where can we park our vehicle?

Parking is available outside of your Yurt/cabana. Please do not block the road.

Tell me about housekeeping and laundry?

Your room will be freshened between 9:00am and 2:00 pm. You may use the laundry services for a small fee. Please be respectful of the housekeeping staff that must do their laundry. Please check with the hosts before you do laundry so we can insure that the machines are not in use.

What about Wifi and cell phones?

Wifi is available in the dining/seating area around the office. The code is available to guests. There is also Satellite Television available in the inside dining room. Please respect the privacy of other guests when it comes to cell phone calls.

What about quiet time?

At Ignacio Springs we try to maintain the peaceful atmosphere that we all love. Please respect quiet time hours from 10:00 pm - 7:00 am. Any rowdy, violent or disrespectful behaviour will not be permitted. Such actions may result in removal from the premises with the assistance of the police if needed and without refund.

Are the gates locked at night?

We lock our gates at approximately 10:00 pm. If you are going out late, please inform the host so that we can make sure that you do not get locked out of Ignacio Springs.

Forgot something?

Forget something? If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable (hair dryer, toothpaste, shampoo etc.) please let us know.

What kind of Palms are these?

The palms on the property are primarily Date (Datil) Palms. The dates flower in the spring, grow throughout the summer and are harvested in the fall. You will notice that the dates drop from the trees at all different stages of growth. We do our best to collect the dates, but mother nature loves to let them fall everywhere.

Swimming in the River San Ignacio?

The River is a fresh water river, it is spring fed. The head of the River is about a 20 minute paddle by Kayak. The River is about 15-20 feet deep in the centre. There are a few small Tilapia fish that live in the River and possibly some larger Carp. There are frogs and Toads that like to sing at night near the river also. Be aware that any of the Cement that is under water is going to be slippery. Children 12 and under must have supervision at the River. The Kayaks and Paddle Boards are there for guest use, please use at you own risk. Please keep the area clean, pull the water sport equipment out of the water and onto land when finished. Please ensure that nothing has an opportunity to float away. Please bring any glasses, bottles, garbage etc. back to the dining area or use the trash can provided. Please keep the area clean for the next guests.

No flushing paper in Mexican toilets!

Dearest People who visit Mexico and Baja Norte/Sur. There is a 'dirty little secret' that isn't discussed when you travel to these places...that is DON'T flush your paper waste down the toilet! You will see in each and every bathroom you visit...a trash can with plastic liner right next to the toilet. No, this isn't for beer cans or trash. It is for your paper waste after you relieve yourself. Why you ask? Well, my friends, Mexico and Baja California are indeed '3rd world countries'. Mexico's infrastructure is NOT like USA or Canada. Unless you are in a mega resort with its very own high-end septic system, you simply can't FLUSH paper with your liquid or solid waste in ANY Mexican toilet. You'll find the same in other parts of the world as well. Each Mexican house has it's very own septic system. That is, Mexican homes are NOT hooked up to a main sewer system like in the USA. Your liquid and solids are sent to a small area below the house where they settle into a tank, and are literally 'eaten' by enzymes. The enzymes can't 'eat' paper in any form, and the resulting paper you wipe with, paper clogs up the system; resulting in either a nasty belch from the septic system; usually costing the hotel, house owner, etc, a costly fee for a plumber to clean out the system and get it back into shape. Yep, you are going to HAVE to think about wiping and dropping your paper waste into that basket...something that will take a bit of training and thinking on your end (no pun intended). If you see a note on the door of your stall, it might say the following in Spanish: Por favor, no papales en los banos (please-no paper in the toilet). However, there is a minority of visitors who can read and understand Spanish, and don't know this is etiquette! So, next time you visit ANY part of Mexico, including Cabo, La Paz, even Puerta Vallarta, ask about banos etiquette. This is Mexico's 'dirty little secret'...and they are so polite as to NOT to inform you. "Just because" you can put paper down your American/Canadian system does not mean you can do that anywhere else in the world. As a matter of fact, being able to flush paper is a privilege not a 'right'.


50% Deposit is due at time of booking through Bank Transfer or PayPal

Remaining Balance upon checkout.

Please be advised that Credit Cards are not accepted for deposits or payments at this time. No Damage Deposit is required.

Note: To book larger groups and multiple rooms, please contact us for a quote.